We proudly announce that SHAFIRA will be joining SWAROVSKI in exhibition showcase, Sparkling Couture 2017. For the first collaboration, we present ‘Majestic Shafira’, a masterpiece inspired and made with Indonesia’s heritage and crystals from Swarovski.

This piece represents the story of Batik Parang, one of the oldest Batik in Indonesia. The composition of the letter S motif intertwine symbolize unbroken continuity. The basic form letter S is taken from ocean waves that describe the spirit never dies. This philosophy has inspired us to create piece with twisted art in every cut and embellished with Swarovski crystals for Sparkling Couture Infinity 2017.

This long jacket and captivating turban is cut from taffeta, embellished with royal embroidered Batik Parang and the exotic of orchid pattern. We used 55.873 Swarovski crystals within 5 types; Sew on Stones, Beads, Plat Black HF, Pearls, and Lochrosen. The one of a kind little details of crystals from Swarovski makes this piece feel so special.